Michelle Obama's Potential Move to Shake Up 2024 Election

Cindy Adams dropped a bombshell in her latest column. She's hinting that Michelle Obama might just jump into the 2024 race.

"Michelle for President?" That's the buzz Adams hears. She says Barack Obama is leading this charge. Their goal? To nudge Biden out of the race. It's a strategic push, she claims.

Adams notes Biden's reluctance to debate. Meanwhile, the Obama influence is growing louder. A "Joe flop-out" could pave Michelle's path to candidacy.

Recently, Michelle Obama spoke out. On Jay Shetty’s podcast, she expressed her fears. Terrified of a Trump win in 2024, she's deeply concerned. "Our leaders matter," Obama stressed. She worries about the future election and its impact.

Barack Obama is also uneasy. He's concerned about Biden's weak poll numbers. A Wall Street Journal report highlighted his fears. Trump's potential return? A big worry for Obama.

The former president sees risks in both Trump and other Republican candidates. He believes they could be dangerous for democracy.

There's more. The Washington Post reveals Obama's concerns about Biden's campaign structure. He's been vocal, even discussing it with Biden himself. Obama wants the campaign team to have more freedom, less White House interference.

In short, the Obamas are making waves. With the political landscape in flux, their next move is eagerly awaited.