Michael Moore: ‘Embarrassment’ Michigan Was a Red State

Never-Trumper Michael Moore appeared on CBS's "The Late Show" on Thursday, and stated that he feels "very good" about the press calling Michigan for Joe Biden in the presidential election. He said that his home state is no-longer an "embarrassment."

Host Colbert said, “You’re a proud Michigander. How do you feel about your state right now? Biden’s lead is ten times larger than what Trump won the state by in 2016. How does it feel to see your state flip back?”

Moore replied, “Really good.”

He added, “The embarrassment of these last four years, every time I hear Michigan being called a red state, to remove the scarlet letter last week felt good, I think, amongst many of the people I know in Michigan. So, yes, we did something really important as did the people in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”