McDonald's Spinoff Restaurant is a Smash Success in First Month Open

CosMc's, a new McDonald's spinoff, burst onto the scene last month in Chicago. It's a drive-thru sensation!

Data's in, and it's wild. This "small-format, beverage-led" joint is pulling double the crowd of a regular McDonald's. We're talking December 2023, and despite opening just on December 7, CosMc's is crushing it. spills the beans. "Over double the visits of a typical McDonald's in December 2023." That's with only a 2,500-square-foot space. They could've drawn even more if they had the room!

Bolingbrook, Illinois, is where the magic happens. The opening week? So packed, cops had to handle the traffic!

CosMc's is cozy, way smaller than your average McDonald's. It's all about quick bites and drinks, not your usual burger and fries.

The menu? Think space-themed. "Signature Galactic Boosts" (caffeinated fruit drinks), iced teas, lemonades, slushes, frappes, and a ton of coffee options. Hungry? There's a spicy queso and avocado tomatillo sandwich, McPops (filled donuts), hash brown and pretzel bites.

For now, Bolingbrook's got the only CosMc's. But hold tight, Texas. About 10 more are popping up by the end of 2024.

The scene at CosMc's? A whopping 80 cars in line, spilling into a nearby shopping center. High-tech ordering, cashless payments. You order, wait, and then zoom to your pickup window.

Online ordering? Not yet. But it's on the horizon. "Coming soon," says their website.

McDonald's? Mum's the word. They're keeping quiet for now.

McDonald's has been trying to jazz up its coffee game for a long time, battling giants like Starbucks. CosMc's might just be their golden ticket. It's fresh, it's trendy, and the younger crowd? They're loving it.