McDonald's 'Deal' Goes Viral, Blamed on California Minimum Wage Laws

A TikTok video showing a $25 McDonald's meal deal in Southern California has sparked debate online. The deal includes 40 Chicken McNuggets and two large fries, but no drink. The user @shannon_montipaya voiced her surprise at the meal's cost, saying, "You couldn't even throw in the Sprite?"

The price hike reflects wider trends, with McDonald's prices doubling since 2014. A decade ago, a 10-piece McNugget meal was $5.99, now it's around $10.99. The video quickly went viral, hitting 2 million views and prompting a wave of nostalgia for cheaper McDonald's meals in the comments.

Some users reminisced about when a 40-piece nugget meal was much cheaper. Comments ranged from shock at current prices to memories of better deals. The discussion soon turned to California's recent minimum wage increase for fast-food workers, now $20 an hour.

Many pointed out the wage hike as a reason for the price increase. Others compared prices, noting much lower costs in states like Florida and Texas. Some viewers felt the price was reasonable, considering the portion size.

The wage increase has led some fast-food chains in California, including MOD Pizza, to close locations or lay off staff. A former MOD Pizza employee cited the timing of closures just before the wage increase. McDonald's USA responded to the FinanceBuzz report, stating it inaccurately represents their pricing.

McDonald's insisted prices are set by franchisees and vary. They stressed their commitment to value, offering affordable pricing and special deals through their app and rewards program.