Kamala Takes Break from Knees to Call Young People 'Stupid' — 'They Make Really Bad Decisions'


This story has been fact-checked by USA Today and is missing context. Here is the context, per USA Today:

Our ruling: Missing Context

Kamala Harris did say young people were "stupid" during a 2014 speech, however, she was talking about forgiving young people for low-level crimes. We rate this claim MISSING CONTEXT because the full video shows there was a larger context to Harris' speech than the short clip in the Facebook post is presenting.


On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Oof.

While the left believes the Harris secures the black vote (that's a whole other story) and will motivate young voters. Unfortunately for her, a speech from 2014 is coming back to bite her in the butt.

While speaking to the Ford Foundation as the California Attorney General, Harris used young people as the punchline in a bad joke, calling them "stupid" and adding that's why they require resident assistants in college dorms.

While speaking of drug offenders she said, “What’s the other thing we know about this population? And it’s a specific phase of life. And remember, age is more than a chronological fact. What else do we know about this population, 18 through 24? They are stupid.”

Cue the audience laughter.

“That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant,” Harris continued. “They make really bad decisions.”

Skip to 16:40 to hear her lay into young people: 

I am not arguing that people mature as they age, but to generalize young people as being stupid and in need of supervision is not right. Especially when you want that age group to vote for you in the election.

Just add that to the list of "idiotic things Kamala Harris has said or done."

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