Kamala Harris Space Program Botch: 'Mankind and Womankind'

It's almost like President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are in a competition to see who can make the most gaffes. Harris spoke with reporters on Sunday before the NASA rocket launch was canceled due to engine problems that the United States space program will benefit “all mankind and womankind.”

“I’m so proud of what is happening in terms of our space program and the leadership that the United States is providing to the world,” Harris said as the chair of the National Space Council.

“The Artemis is the beginning of the next era of what we have a history and a tradition of doing — of providing vision and inspiring innovation — in a way that is going to benefit all mankind and womankind,” Harris continued.

Many people are left wondering what kind of an impact Kamala Harris actually has as chair of the National Space Council. Politico Playbook reported, “There have occasionally been snickers about the fact that the VP chairs the administration’s National Space Council.”

What about transkind, one Twitter user joked.

Another wondered why she overlooked the other 624 genders.

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