Jemele Hill: ‘America Doesn’t Value Black Lives, Shouldn't be Entertained by Black Athletes’

On Thursday, former ESPN hostess Jemele Hill demanded that black athletes stop playing sports and "entertaining" America because the country doesn't "value black lives."

She praised the NBA for cancelling games this week in protest of the officer involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Although Blake is a criminal, pedophile, rapist and was resisting police.

“On social media and cable news, some fans and commentators heaped scorn upon the players for walking out in the first place, depicting them as selfish athletes who were only throwing a tantrum for the sake of virtue signaling,” Hill wrote in her column on Atlantic.

She claims there is a racist narrative that says “athletes, because of their social and economic status, are a privileged class with no right to complain.”

“What critics… ignore,” she continued, “is that the NBA is a predominantly Black league and that just because its Black players are professional athletes, that doesn’t protect them from police violence and harassment.”

Hill wrote:

Despite the potential financial risks, the players were right to explore whether they could grab America’s attention by withholding their services. Had the NBA players opted to carry out a long-term strike, just imagine what that might have looked like: They play in cities that depend on the revenue they generate. Perhaps upon feeling the financial strain, officials in those cities might have been more motivated to reimagine their police force. Perhaps NBA owners might have been so bothered by losing money that they would have used their power and connections to put pressure on the right people to change the status quo. An extended strike also would have put pressure on NFL players to act. Pro football is by far the most popular sport in America. Nearly 70 percent of its players are Black. If Black NFL players followed the NBA players’ lead, a big chunk of the sports economy would be made contingent on racial progress.

Hill is far from the mark on this one. Her claims that America does not care about black lives is far from true...and if black athletes don't want to play sports then that is fine. They can kiss the fat paycheck that comes along with it goodbye.

She acts as if they are forced to play, when in reality they are showcasing their skills and being compensated handsomely for it.

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