Instead of Reaching Deal on Coronavirus, House Debates Ceiling Fan Bill

Instead of being productive and working to reach a deal on a coronavirus stimulus package, the House spent time debating the environment effect of ceiling fans. CEILING. FANS.

A bill presented by Rep. Brett Guthrie was approved in a bipartisan vote of 396-2, and will change the energy standard requirements for “large-diameter ceiling fans manufactured on or after January 21, 2020.”

According to the legislation, parameters for exemptions of large fans will now be established under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

Fox News reports:

The new bill focuses on electricity standards for the fans based on “Using an Airflow Constant of 26,500 cubic feet per minute” and “Using a Fan Efficiency Constant of 42 percent.”

Reupping energy bills and making changes to standards cut consumer utility bills and saves energy, which in turn mitigates the effects of climate change, environmentalists have argued.

But the spirit of bipartisanship over the fans has yet to extend to a COVID-19 bill, with the vote taking place less than three weeks before unemployment benefits stemming from the pandemic are set to expire, the day after Christmas. In addition, moratoriums on evictions and student loan forbearance expire at the end of the year, worrisome deadlines to millions of Americans in financial peril.

Lawmakers are allegedly working to reach an agreement before breaking for the holidays. We will see how that goes.

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