Indiana Mother Tragically Passes Away During Family Vacation Due to Unexpected Circumstance

An Indiana mother of two suffered a tragic collapse and lost her life to water toxicity, following the consumption of an excessive amount of water in a brief timeframe, her family has revealed.

Ashley Summers, aged 35, was enjoying the July 4th weekend with her husband and two daughters near Monticello at Lake Freeman. Unfortunately, she had to be rushed to the hospital with symptoms of brain swelling, a situation her brother, Devon Miller, detailed to WRTV.

"Someone said she drank four bottles of water in 20 minutes," Miller explained. "I mean, an average water bottle is like 16 ounces, so that was 64 ounces that she drank in a span of 20 minutes. That’s half a gallon. That’s what you’re supposed to drink in a whole day."

According to the Mayo Clinic, the recommended daily fluid intake for women is approximately 92 ounces, of which around 20% typically comes from the food they consume.

Summers complained of feeling dehydrated, lightheaded, and suffering from a headache, expressing to her family that she felt like she just couldn't drink enough water, the family disclosed to the outlet.

The mother of two unexpectedly fainted in a garage and was promptly rushed to the hospital.

Tragically, Summers never woke up, and doctors determined that she died from water toxicity, as relayed by the family.

"It was a shock to all of us," Miller expressed. "When they first started talking about water toxicity. It was like, ‘this is a thing?’"

Water toxicity, medically known as hyponatremia, is a condition that occurs when there is an unusually low concentration of sodium in the blood, the Mayo Clinic explains.

"When this happens, your body's water levels rise, and your cells begin to swell," the clinic informs. "This swelling can cause many health problems, from mild to life-threatening."

To avoid hyponatremia, the clinic recommends a moderate intake of water and suggests considering beverages with electrolytes, particularly during activities that require stamina.

In a final act of generosity, Summers, who was registered as an organ donor, gave her heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and some of her long bone tissue, potentially saving five other lives, her family reported.

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