'I'm Good Never Shopping at Target Again': Customers Responds to New Policy

A customer has decided to stop shopping at Target. The decision stems from Target's new self-checkout policy. Target now limits self-checkout to 10 items, causing longer waits at manned registers. The policy change sparked outrage on X, formerly Twitter.

One customer expressed their frustration online. "Yeah I think I’m good never shopping at Target again," they posted. The policy was labeled a disaster by the customer, citing inadequate staffing at registers.

Despite backlash, Target defends its decision. The retailer claims the move aims to enhance customer experience. Starting March 14, the 10-item limit was implemented in nearly 2,000 stores. Target argues this makes self-checkout twice as fast.

A trial was conducted to gauge customer reactions. The findings showed a preference for quicker self-checkouts. As a result, Target reintroduced traditional lanes for larger purchases. Customers appreciated having the choice between quick self-checkouts and staffed lanes for bigger buys.

"By offering both options, customers told us the checkout experience improved," Target stated. More staffed lanes are being opened to accommodate those with fuller carts. Target emphasizes its commitment to providing a personal touch at checkout.

The issue of self-checkout limits isn't confined to Target. Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot have faced similar criticisms. A customer's complaint about Walmart highlighted the inconvenience of limited cashier availability. Despite complaints, these stores have no plans to eliminate self-checkout.

"We’re always looking to improve the shopping experience, including checkout," said Joe Pennington from Walmart. For now, self-checkout remains a staple in these stores, despite customer grievances.