Heidi Klum Strips Down While Eating Spicy Food in 'Hot Ones' Interview

Heidi Klum could not handle the heat on "Hot Ones" this week, stripping down to her bra. The spicy wings might have been a factor. Luckily, at 51, the former Victoria's Secret model is comfortable in lingerie.

Klum confessed at the start of Sean Evans' popular YouTube show that spicy food isn't her forte. "I feel like this is going to be very hard for me today," she admitted, noting she was advised to keep the wings from touching her lips.

"Oh my god, I can’t believe how good I’m doing at this," she said early in the interview. But as the heat intensified, she admitted her nose was running and her armpits were getting sweaty.

She reminisced about the $12.5 million bra and $740,000 panties she wore in 2003’s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "It was all encrusted with diamonds and rubies," she recalled, before Evans chimed in, "Lingerie set in the history of the world," laughing.

Evans then asked about her legendary Halloween costumes. She recounted dressing as an alien in 2019, which took from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to complete. She stood in a window while makeup was applied, allowing onlookers to see the transformation.

Klum described feeling "claustrophobic" in 2022's worm costume. "I can’t even move my face one bit. I’m just stuck in there," she said, eventually having the body cut off but keeping the worm face on. "I literally looked like bacon," she joked.

After a particularly spicy wing, the seventh of the show’s 10 wings, Klum said, "I’m getting hot." Drinking buttermilk didn’t help, so she started unbuttoning her shirt. "Whoa! Whoa!" Evans laughed. "Now I’m getting hot too, Heidi," he said as she fanned herself with her denim shirt.

"This one is the kicker," she said. When Evans told her the heat would pass in five to 10 minutes, she gave up and took off her shirt, revealing a red bra. "My mic is slightly in my crotch. Is that a slight problem?" she asked, with Evans assuring her they had a boom mic.

The "America's Got Talent" judge wiped her nose, laughing, "Sorry, now I’m better. Not really," before burping her way through answering a question about being fashionably late. "Sorry, it’s the buttermilk."

Klum managed to finish two more levels of spicy wings before ending with a "Top Model" "Perfect Hot Sauce Head Shot" challenge. She struck poses to show her reaction to each hot sauce. Klum also hosts Germany's version of "America's Next Top Model."