Heidi Klum Shares Some of the Perks of Having a 'Younger Husband'

Heidi Klum is totally done with early bedtimes.

At 50, she's hitting the nightlife harder than ever. A recent chat with Fox News Digital revealed a vibrant shift from her disciplined 20s.

Back in '94, when Klum first landed in the States from Germany, it was all business. Success was the only option on her mind. "I didn't want to fail and go back with my suitcase," she shared. The dream? To conquer the modeling world. Nights out? Not an option.

Fast forward to her 30s, and it was all about family. With four kids in the mix, bedtime was a dream she barely remembered. "Now they're 19, 18, 17, and 14," Klum notes. Translation? The 9:30 curfew is officially a thing of the past.

Kids, as Klum puts it, are a round-the-clock adventure. Fevers, nightmares – you name it, she's dealt with it. Parties and after-parties were rare sightings for Klum during those years.

But with the kids grown and perhaps a nudge from her "younger husband" Tom Kaulitz, 34, Klum's rediscovered the joy of a night out. Music, the vibe, the mood – it's all a part of the allure. Even more so now that she's dropped a track with DJ Tiësto, a cover of "Sunglasses At Night."

Clubbing brings its moments of self-awareness for Klum. "Am I the oldest person here?" she wonders, only to find solace in knowing Tiësto's got five years on her.

Post-party recovery varies by city. In Las Vegas, for instance, Klum and Tiësto's night extended well into sunrise. While others dread the morning light, Klum finds it exhilarating, a badge of honor for making it through the night.

In essence, Heidi Klum's nightlife is a testament to living on your own terms, regardless of age.