Guy Fieri's Son Responds to Strict Requirements From Dad: 'Taught me a lot'

Guy Fieri, a star on Food Network, insists his children work hard for their inheritance. He’s not alone among celebrities with this mindset.

His son Hunter, 27, discussed his upbringing with Fox News Digital. He described it as a mix of hard work, perseverance, and learning on the go. “Keep working hard, keep your head up,” Hunter summarized.

Hunter credits his dad with teaching him culinary skills, among other life lessons. Guy Fieri humorously added, “Get your sleep, brush your teeth, eat your vegetables.”

Hunter also learned basics like tying shoes and dressing correctly from his dad. Guy Fieri emphasizes that his children must earn their own success, not rely on his achievements.

Fieri shared his father’s philosophy with Fox News Digital: expect nothing inherited but the bill for his funeral. He wants his sons to earn their keep.

His younger son, Ryder, a high school senior, finds this tough. He’s daunted by the expectation of achieving an MBA even before starting college.

Fieri refers to Shaquille O’Neal’s principle for his kids: “If you want any of this cheese, you’ve got to give me two degrees.” Fieri expects postgraduate achievements from his sons.

Guy Fieri recently made news with a lucrative multi-year contract with Food Network, reportedly worth over $100 million.