Famous Fast Food Chain Introduces 'Portable' Breakfast Option

Get ready, breakfast fans! Wendy's is shaking things up! Big news! They've just dropped a mouth-watering Breakfast Burrito.

It's a flavor bomb! Packed with the best of Wendy's breakfast goodies.

Imagine this: two eggs, six bacon strips - yep, Baconator® style! But wait, there's more. Potatoes, cheese slices, and oozy cheese sauce.

Spice lovers, rejoice! You get two Cholula hot sauce packets too.

John Li from Wendy's says it's a "portable masterpiece." He's stoked about "rolling all the yum into one burrito."

Starting Monday, it's burrito time at 4,500 Wendy's locations.

Lindsay Radkoski from Wendy's knows what's up. She says it's the breakfast burrito we've all been dreaming of.

It's not just big. It's Wendy's big. A hearty, grab-and-go breakfast with all the Wendy's quality you love.

Breakfast just got a whole lot better. Thanks, Wendy's!