Don Jr. on Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Panel: 'Dictators Are Going to Dictate'

Donald Trump Jr. went OFF on the absurdities of the January 6 panel, claiming that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s silencing of Republicans on the panel shows exactly “what authoritarians do.” He added, they “make sure there’s only one side of the argument.”

"Well, listen, dictators are going to dictate; that's what they do," Trump told Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield on Wednesday. "You see how the left has responded to everything: They want a one-sided narrative."

"You would think with mainstream media on their side, with Big Tech on their side, you would think that would be enough of an advantage," he continued. "But the fact that Nancy Pelosi would literally kick off the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee off of this, Jim Jordan — the leader of the largest caucus in the House off of there, Jim Banks — but still have a known liar, like Adam Schiff, arguably the biggest liar in the history of the United States Congress."

"For four years we heard about how he had seen with his own eyes the evidence of Russia collusion," Trump Jr. said. "He gets up there, he leaked during my testimony when I did 30 hours in front of various committees, whether it be House or Senate, about what they all knew was total nonsense.

"So this is what authoritarians do. They want to make sure there's only one side of the argument. There is only one opinion to be had. And again they will have the mainstream media carry their nonsense narrative, social media will do what it can to suppress the other side, and that's what we're doing,” Trump declared. "We are devolving into what we hate about Russia or communist China, and all of the things that we hold near and dear in America in terms of free speech, in terms of equality, are down the tubes — only one way."

He also praised House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for working to conduct an independent investigation for the GOP on the Capitol riot.

"I'm really glad that Kevin McCarthy is pushing back and calling this what it is," Trump concluded, "that he's withdrawing the Republicans so they can keep doing their witch hunt — because they're going to do it one way or the other anyway. So Kevin McCarthy, it's good to see Republicans actually fighting back on the lies and on the nonsense."

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