Cookie Company Refuses to Back Down After Controversial Easter Posts

Last Crumb, an LA-based cookie company, caused a stir this Easter Sunday. Their holiday-themed social media posts were deemed disrespectful by some, drawing parallels to Jesus Christ's resurrection.

They shared an image to their 168,000 Instagram followers. It featured a vivid cookie against a black and white backdrop, resembling a rock-cut tomb. The caption said, "Cookies worth resurrecting for… Happy Easter."

The reaction was mixed. Some followers threatened to unfollow, while others appreciated the humor. "Yall would never post something like this for any other religions holiday…" one user commented. Last Crumb cheekily replied, "Watch us."

Criticism and unfollows followed. Yet, another comment pointed out the brand's history of controversial posts. Last Crumb acknowledged their consistency.

Among the feedback, some users expressed support. "Love this," one commented.

Expanding their campaign, Last Crumb also posted a video on TikTok to their 222,000 followers. It featured a chocolate chip cookie unveiling a tomb, captioned with a nod to its contentious nature and a "Happy Easter" wish.

Last Crumb is known for its premium pricing, with cookies starting at $90 for half a dozen. They claim to sell the "most expensive cookies in the world."

On April Fools' Day, they launched a $12,000 cookie collection, which was actually discounted heavily with a coupon code, making it more affordable than their standard offerings.