CNN's Don Lemon Ends Final Primetime Show Awkwardly, Gets Mocked Mercillesly

CNN's Don Lemon officially wrapped up his primetime program Friday night while sniffling and fighting back the tears. He even told his viewers, "I was not always perfect."

Yeah, no kidding.

Near the end of his final episode, he said,  "I know I was not always perfect, because no one is perfect. Because there are immense pressures that come with this job and in particular this time slot at 10 o’clock when people are going to bed. So sometimes all I could do — I'm gonna be honest with you — is just smile and just get to the commercial break sometimes.”

He finished up by saying, "Sometimes it was exhausting, because some of the things that we discuss here are so personal and so consuming, all-consuming. So I hope I made you proud. And I thank you for tuning in all these years. And I hope that you're gonna join me in the morning. So I will simply say good night, and I will see you soon."

And then of course he had to put on a bit of a show before leaving. He waved and said, “I’m gonna leave, and I'm gonna go upstairs.” The camera then literally followed him upstairs.

Goodbye, Don. See ya never.

Of course, there were some funny responses on Twitter to his final moments in primetime.

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