CNN Anchor Rips Biden for ‘Semi-Fascist’ Remarks About MAGA Republicans

CNN anchor John Avlon ripped President Biden for his remarks he made about "MAGA Republicans" where he called them semi-fascists. Avlon said remarks like that are “not befitting of the office of president.”

While joining a Tuesday morning discussion on “New Day,” Avlon argued that Biden isn't doing himself any favors with independent voters.

Ashley Allison, former National Coalitions Director for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, argued against the point Pavlan was making.

“I also want to put context into what the president said. He did not call half of America fascist,” she said. “He said people who believe that the 2020 election was stolen, people who want to ban books, people who are taking these steps — we’re on a very dangerous line and we have to call a thing a thing. Or we run a risk allowing someone like Donald Trump — we just had a conversation how dangerous he is — I don’t think Joe Biden is calling everybody fascist but you have to stand up for right and right and wrong is wrong.”

Avlon circled back and pointed out that it was the divisive language that Biden used that was the problem.

The term semi-fascist is not helpful, it’s not befitting the office of president,” he said. “While you can absolutely call out the dangers to our democracy — but it makes perfect sense for someone like Sen. Hassan because, look, in New Hampshire, more than 40% of registered voters are Independent, another 30 and change are Republicans. Democrats are the third category among registered voters. So, she needs to be able to reach out and that language doesn’t help her do that.”

“Actually — you’re being kind trying to parse and put what he said in a certain context,” Republican strategist Alice Stewart chimed in. “The takeaway from Republicans is that the President of the United States — who campaigned on, won on, and was sworn in on a message of unity, lowering the temperature and bringing this country together — just called half the country fascist.”

“Not half.” Avlon argued.

“You can parse it how you want, but that’s the takeaway … He painted the Republican Party as a bunch of fascists,” Stewart repeated.

“This isn’t the one-time thing, I mean, Biden has all the precision of a surgeon with a meat ax, here,” Republican commentator Scott Jennings contributed. “When Republicans wouldn’t go along with his bill to federalize all elections, he said, well, you’re either Jefferson Davis or Bull Connor. His natural instinct is to go to an extreme insult. You’re either racist or fascist.”

Check it out:

Democrats love to provide these unifying moments leading up to the election. Does anyone remember the "basket of deplorables" remark by Hillary Clinton? Of course you do. That became the rallying cry of the Trump voters in 2016.

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