Chuck Todd Makes Shocking Statement About Potential Biden Asset in a Debate

NBC News analyst Chuck Todd sees Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a potential debate asset for President Biden. Kennedy, who has a neurological condition that affects his voice, might make Biden appear more favorable in comparison. "If you've ever spent a lot of time watching Robert Kennedy Jr. speak, I think if you were Joe Biden, you are going to want him on the debate stage," Todd commented on Wednesday.

Todd's statement aligns with upcoming debates between Biden and former President Trump. Kennedy is currently excluded from these debates due to insufficient ballot presence. Biden's age and physical condition have sparked political controversy. Todd believes Kennedy's distinctive speaking manner could provide a beneficial contrast.

"I think there will be a point in the fall that they will actually see that as an asset," Todd noted about the Biden campaign. He acknowledges his viewpoint might not be widely accepted. "I'm in the minority in this," he admitted.

Kennedy suffers from spasmodic dysphonia, a rare disorder that makes his voice hoarse and gravelly. During a discussion, NBC host Andrea Mitchell pointed out Kennedy's vocal challenges to Todd. "Let's just face it, he has a vocal issue," she said. "It's an ailment."

Todd speculated that Kennedy's condition could paradoxically benefit Biden by highlighting his strengths. He suggested Kennedy might make it to the second debate. "I don't think a lot of people realize this about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It will be interesting. I'm not ruling out the possibility that he makes it to the second debate," Todd stated.

Biden and Trump have agreed to two debates, with the first scheduled for June 27 on CNN and the second for September 10 on ABC. The Biden-Harris campaign has requested the debates be held in a TV studio, with time-controlled microphones.

Kennedy's health has recently drawn media attention. A years-old deposition revealed he once claimed a parasitic worm had damaged his brain. This disclosure has sparked further media scrutiny.

Kennedy explained the bizarre health claim during his 2012 divorce proceedings. He reported "cognitive problems" and concerns about a possible brain tumor.