Chris Wallace: ‘Kind of Sad’ Republicans Refuse to Accept Biden Win

Fox News host Chris Wallace is once again dancing on my last nerve. This time, he is declaring that Republicans who do not accept the 2020 presidential election results are “sad.”

Wallace said, “I think that the point that needs to be made is how extraordinary this is. We have never seen what we’re going to see today. People point back to 2005 when George W. Bush beat John Kerry, and a congresswoman from Ohio and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California both objected, and both sides went into their separate chambers to debate for two hours about the vote in Ohio. Which was very close and what pushed Bush over the top. The difference is that John Kerry, the failing candidate then, had already conceded, and, in fact, he was very much discouraging and disavowing Barbara Boxer’s effort to hold this objection. And in fact, when it got to the Senate, she lost by a vote of 74 to 1.”

He continued, “Now you’ve got maybe 100 Republican congressmen, more than a dozen Republican senators. You’ve got the sitting Republican president who’s going to be making a speech in a few minutes saying the election was stolen from him. We have never, ever seen anything like this.”

Wallace added, “I think it’s worth pointing out, this is usually the day when people behave in our democracy —behave well. I mean, in 1961, Richard Nixon was the failing candidate and the sitting vice president, and he had to preside over his defeat in the House of Representatives, and he did it graciously. In 2001 when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush by 500 votes in Florida, he shut down some objections from members of the House.”

He concluded, “Usually this is the point when everybody comes together. Losing hurts, but they sit there and say for the greater good country, and in keeping with our democracy and our Constitution, we’re going to recognize that the person who got the most electoral votes won the election. And the fact that that’s not going to happen today is kind of sad.”

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Rep. Chip Roy: ‘Right Now, We’re in a Cold Civil War’

During Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Chip Roy warned Americans of the consequences if Democrats win the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, on Tuesday.

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Democrats Push to Impeach Trump...Again

Democrat lawmakers are pushing to impeach President Donald Trump again, this time for the recording that insinuates that he was trying to convince the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” votes.

Considering the exchange of power between presidents is quickly approaching, it’s strange that people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are calling for impeachment. UNLESS, they know that Trump actually won the election and that there will not be an exchange of power.

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Michelle Obama Blasts ‘Unconscionable’ Trump for 'Focus on Overturning Election Rather Than Helping Struggling Families'

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“Your vote is your voice. It’s your power. And right now, from the President of the United States on down, we’re seeing and hearing just how desperate some are to take that power away,” she wrote. “They want us to believe that their pride is more important than our democracy.”

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“There are enough really decent Republicans, you’re seeing them step up now in the United States Senate, who don’t want to be part of this Trump Republican Party,” Biden said to radio host Kenny Burns.

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