‘Careful What You Wish For’: Graham Warns Dems, Harris Over Impeachment Trial

Senator Lindsey Graham issued a stern warning for Kamala Harris and his Democratic colleagues on Wednesday during an edition of Hannity.

He said to Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, Well, I can promise you this, Sean. If you’re going to pursue this, and you want to start calling witnesses, and you want to drag this thing out, it would be fair to have Kamala Harris’ tape played where she bailed people out of jail. What more you could do to incite future violence than to pay the bill of the people who broke up the shops and beat up the cops? How is that not inciting future violence? Be careful what you wish for, my Democratic colleagues; be careful what you wish for.”

Graham appears to have been referring to a tweet from June 2020 in which Harris promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund that helped post bail for people accused of violent crimes amid the violent, fiery Black Lives Matter riots.

Not to mention, as ex-White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley recalled, “Donald Trump didn’t support the riots, in real-time he told them to stop. He told them to be peaceful; he told them to go home in peace, not attack police officers.”

Trump literally called for peace and unity, and the left is trying to implicate him for “inciting violence” and impeach him, when he is not even president anymore. GOOD GRIEF.

BizPac Review reports:

Like many lawyers and legal scholars, including Mark Levin, the senator assessed the impeachment itself as unconstitutional because Trump has left office and therefore Congress has no jurisdiction over him. In addition, Graham lamented the lack of due process afforded the president in the rush-to-judgment, Democrat-controlled U.S. House.

If Democrats insist on calling witnesses, the GOP will do the same, which may include the FBI, and the trial could drag on for months even though Democrats lack enough votes to convict, according to Graham, with the whole process amounting to mere political theater.

Instead, the trial should take three or four hours, and then the chamber can go back to legislating for the American people, Graham declared.

The left is playing a messy, messy game.

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