Caitlin Clark Comes Back With Perfect Response to WNBA Star's Race Remark

Several women’s college basketball stars have become well-known before stepping into the WNBA, including Caitlin Clark. As a former Iowa Hawkeyes standout and the NCAA's all-time leading scorer, Clark is notably prominent.

Fans have been following Clark's career, eagerly attending her games even before she was drafted first overall by the Indiana Fever. Her presence has magnified attention on women's basketball.

Clark views this attention as beneficial. At a press conference before her WNBA debut, she stated, "I think there's opportunities for every single player in women's basketball. I think the more opportunities we can give across the board, that's what's going to elevate women's basketball."

Clark responded to comments from Las Vegas Aces’ A’ja Wilson, who suggested a racial aspect to Clark's popularity. Wilson said, "I think it’s a huge thing... It really is because you can be top-notch at what you are as a Black woman, but yet maybe that’s something that people don’t want to see."

Wilson expressed frustration about the marketability of Black athletes, adding, "They don’t see it as marketable, so it doesn’t matter how hard I work... we’re still going to be swept underneath the rug."

Clark believes the focus on the WNBA transcends individual players. She emphasized the importance of diversity in the sport, "It doesn't need to be just one or two players... The parity in women's basketball is what's making more people want to come watch it."

Continuing, Clark highlighted the collective effort to promote the league, "I think that's the biggest thing. I've had a lot of fun being in the spotlight and helping grow this game and move it forward, and that's what I'm going to continue to do."

Despite her individual success, the Indiana Fever faced challenges in their season opener, losing 92-71 to the Connecticut Sun. Playing in her first professional game before a sold-out crowd, Clark managed 20 points, but also committed 10 turnovers.