Brett Favre Reveals Details of His Last Chat With Toby Keith

Toby Keith passed away at 62 after fighting stomach cancer. Before his death, he talked to Brett Favre about stopping chemotherapy.

Favre, a football legend, kept in touch with Keith, checking in every few months. He thought Keith was improving, especially since he was still performing.

During one update, Keith told Favre, "I quit chemo, and it probably did more damage to me than the cancer did. I just hope I didn’t quit it too late, but... I’m thankful I got a chance to play some shows. I finished them."

Keith expressed to Favre a sense of peace with his fate. "Brett, whatever happens, I'm OK with it," he said.

Keith's family announced his passing on February 5th, highlighting his graceful battle and requesting privacy.

Famous for "Should've Been a Cowboy," Keith's music career included 20 No. 1 hits and his last album, "Peso in My Pocket," in 2021. His final performance was in Las Vegas in December.

He leaves behind his wife, Tricia, three children, and four grandchildren.