Biden: 'Trump Wants to Defund Police, Not Me'

On Friday's airing of "World News Tonight," ABC News interviewed 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden. During that interview, Biden claimed that he does not want to defund the police, but rather that President Donald Trump is the one behind it because  “he proposes cutting a half a billion dollars out of the local police support.”

“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts asked Biden, “President Trump says that you want to defund the police. Do you?”

Biden replied, “No I don’t. By the way, he proposes cutting a half a billion dollars out of the local police support.”

There should be "national standards" for United States police departments, he continued, and  “I don’t want to defund police departments. I think they need more help, they need more assistance.”

Sleepy Joe added that “the only guy to actually put in a bill to actually defund the police is Donald Trump.”

Someone needs to fix his blood pressure meds or something because he obviously has some sort of issue to forget his support of defunding the police and attempt t0 pin it on President Trump.

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Yikes! Lawyer Frank Salpietro said he believes this is a move by corporate bosses: “It has become very clear that this is a top-down directive from the corporation, this is how they should handle the situation."

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What a morbid thought process. If you need to murder your unborn baby to "unleash" your power then you never had any power to begin with. That is such a weak, evil mindset.

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Victory in California! Federal Appeals Court in California's Strikes Down Anti-2A Legislature

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Savage Black Lives Matter Runs Over and Beats Raccoon, 'Only White People Worry About Animals'

Black Lives Matter only cares about one thing...themselves.

I mean that with all sincerity. I'm not saying that black people only care about themselves. These are two different things.

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YES! This State Just Made It a Hate Crime to Harass Police Officers and First Responders

For those of us who are supportive of the police officers and what they're going through right now in having to deal with right now, there is some good news.

Amidst the massive surge in crime and violence and the calls to defund the police which would effectively eliminate the force that is protecting our society, the state of Georgia has made it a hate crime to harass our boys in blue.

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