Biden, Harris Receive First Presidential Daily Briefing

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his pick for vice president, Kamala Harris, receive their first presidential daily briefing on Monday. Despite the extensive voter fraud and lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump, things are moving forward for Biden.

The Hill reports that the duo is set to receive a "collection of high-level intelligence information and other materials pertinent to issues of national security prepared for the president by senior officials and advisers."

The president-elect will usual start to receive briefings in the weeks leading up to their inauguration in order to ensure a smooth transition. According to reports, the White House signed off on Biden's briefings last week.

Last week, Biden announced the following key Cabinet nominations: Antony Blinken to be secretary of State, Avril Haines to be director of national intelligence and Alejandro Mayorkas as head of Homeland Security.

President Trump has declined to concede the election while his campaign contests the election's result in state courts and his administration delayed the transition process. Last week, the General Services Administration, the federal government agency responsible for underwriting the transition and inauguration process, unfroze funds for Biden's transition at Trump's direction.

After Biden receives his first presidential briefing, he is scheduled to meet with other key advisers as his incoming administration prepares to respond to the ongoing public health and economic crisis in America resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

"I give thanks now for you, for the trust you’ve placed in me," Biden said in his last public remarks before the Thanksgiving holiday. "Together, we’ll lift our voices in the coming months and years. And our songs shall be of lives saved, bridges repaired, a nation made whole again."

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