Bengals Quarterback's Girlfriend Responds After Her Gameday Bodysuit Goes Viral

Jake Browning, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, led his team to win against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. His girlfriend, Stephanie Niles, got a lot of attention too. She has been with Jake for five years and surprised everyone with her outfit. She wore a white bodysuit with a fluffy orange hat and booties.

Stephanie Niles became the center of attention towards the end of the first quarter. This happened when Browning scored a touchdown with only 50 seconds left. The cameras showed her in a special seating area, excitedly jumping and celebrating.

The entrepreneur, Stephanie Niles, got a lot of praise on social media for her outfit at the game. She posted on Instagram that same evening. She shared different views of the moment that made her popular. Niles also posted a picture of herself walking in the stadium in her special bodysuit. There's another photo of her at a dinner after the game, sitting with Jake Browning.

Her caption on Instagram was excited. She wrote, "What a ride!! How INSANE is this life!!!"

Stephanie Niles got so much attention that people started comparing her to Taylor Swift. Last year, Taylor Swift became very popular for supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Chiefs.

A social media user, @RichardJKPE, said Stephanie is now the most memorable football player's girlfriend of the year. He didn't mind if fans of Taylor Swift, called "Swifties," got upset. Another user, @jmiahcooley, was more straightforward, saying Stephanie Niles is better than Taylor Swift.

But not everyone agrees with these comparisons. Nate Riley wrote that Taylor Swift is still the best. He imagined her singing softly, being very rich, and even helping with his gambling problem. He thinks Taylor is way ahead.