Bad News for Migrants as City Reaches Breaking Point

Denver has started removing 800 migrant families from shelters, aiming to reduce aid for illegal immigrants. Around 140 families were already evicted this Monday, with plans to evict the rest in the coming weeks.

The city is facing resource shortages due to a surge of migrants, exacerbated by Texas sending thousands to sanctuary cities like Denver.

The overcrowding of shelters and healthcare facilities has prompted Denver to limit migrant stays. With shelters at full capacity, Mayor Mike Johnston announced that the city has no more room, facing a tough decision to evict people to make space for new arrivals. Denver is nearing a breaking point, with the crisis pushing it to its limits.

The city had temporarily stopped shelter exits due to cold weather but will now resume evictions. Denver has spent over $42 million supporting migrants and may need to cut $180 million from its budget due to the ongoing crisis.

Nonprofit ViVe Wellness highlighted the unprecedented number of migrants, stressing the lack of space available.

Denver is also assisting migrants in leaving by buying bus tickets to cities like New York and Chicago. The health system is strained, with illegal immigrants making 20,000 visits to Denver Health last year, causing a $22 million deficit.

Despite being a sanctuary city, Denver lacks a right-to-shelter law, leading to these evictions.