'Attention Walmart Associates': Two Walmart Employees Make Stunning Discovery and Duke it Out Inside Store

There are many viral videos out there about the "people of Walmart" but in this instance, the focus is on the "employees of Walmart."

In the first video, you see a woman who has found out the manager is sleeping with multiple employees and she is NOT happy about it.

Check it out:

@damnkeaira Walmart in Morrow, Ga. ? auntie say the manager sleeping with the employees #fyp #walmart #foryou ♬ original sound - Keaira ?

Part 2 is where a lot of the details are filled in. It appears Wayne was having an affair. In the first video, you see girl #1 being ushered out of the store. Now after watching the second video, we'll call the girl in it girl #2, it appears that girl #2 is the one who was cheated on.

Watch it and see what you think.

@damnkeaira She wasn’t done, she had to let the whole store know about Wayne ? #fyp #foryou #walma ♬ original sound - Keaira ?

If only the initial confrontation between girl #1 and girl #2 had been caught on camera then we would have a lot better idea of exactly what went down.

Regardless, that made for a wild day in Walmart. With the world we live in there's always someone standing by waiting for the dramatics to happen so they can capture it all on video.

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