Arcade Giant to Allow Gambling for Customers Playing Games Against Each Other

Dave & Buster's is introducing real-time bets for adults 18 and over on arcade games. Through a collaboration with gamification software maker Lucra, they're adding a betting feature to their app. This update is expected to launch in the next few months.

Simon Murray, a senior vice president at Dave & Buster’s, highlighted the move as a way to offer unique gaming experiences. "This new partnership gives our loyalty members real-time, unrivaled gaming experiences," he stated in a press release.

A Lucra spokesperson mentioned that while there will be a betting limit, details are yet undisclosed. They noted that the average bet is about $10. Dave & Buster's emphasizes its commitment to responsible gaming, with adjustable bet limits.

Since its 1982 start, Dave & Buster’s has grown to over 222 venues in North America. They boast 5 million loyalty members and 30 million yearly visitors. Their offerings range from bowling to VR, and their stock has risen over 50% in the past year.

The normalization of gambling, particularly sports betting, has surged due to legal changes in many states. This has sparked concerns about the increase in problem gambling.

Dave & Buster's approach to gambling involves players betting against each other, not the house. This sets it apart from traditional sports betting.

Founded in 2019, Lucra offers gamification services, which include various types of contests on partner platforms. "We’re creating a new form of kind of a digital experience for folks inside of these ecosystems," said COO Michael Madding.

Lucra’s model, which it insists on calling “real-money contests” instead of bets, currently operates in 44 states. These activities are not governed by the same rules as typical gambling games.

The social betting industry is booming, valued at $6 billion. Newcomers like Fliff and Rebet aim to emulate the gambling sector's success and attract a younger audience.