Angel Reese Reveals What She Whispered to Caitlin Clark After Crushing Loss

Angel Reese emphasized there's no bad blood with Caitlin Clark before their big game. Despite LSU's loss to Iowa, the athletes showed respect with a post-game hug.

Reese whispered encouraging words to Clark during their embrace. At a press conference, she shared, "She just told me, ‘Continue to be a great player,’” revealing their mutual respect despite on-court rivalry.

Despite last year's heated LSU vs. Iowa game, where Reese's taunt went viral, both players insist there's no feud. Clark even defended Reese against backlash for her competitive spirit.

Reese supported Clark too, cheering her on when she broke a major record. Their rivalry is fierce but friendly, highlighting sportsmanship.

Before their recent match, Reese clarified their rivalry is purely competitive, not personal. She's willing to be seen as the villain if it means promoting women's basketball.

In the game, Reese put up a strong fight with 17 points and 20 rebounds. Clark, however, stole the show with 41 points, helping Iowa advance to the Final Four.

Clark is heading to the WNBA Draft as the top pick. Reese faces a decision: return to LSU or enter the draft herself. She has 48 hours post-loss to decide her future.