And Then There Were Two: Just Two GOP Candidates Qualify for Iowa Debate

Two Republican candidates, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, will debate on Wednesday night. This is important because the Iowa voting starts in five days.

Donald Trump, the main leader in the polls, could have joined the debate but chose not to.

The debate will be on CNN at 9 p.m. Haley and DeSantis will be the only ones on stage. This is a chance for them to really show their skills without other candidates around.

In past debates, Haley argued with another candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, who is not in this debate. DeSantis's friend, Chris Christie, who supported Haley before, won't be there either.

DeSantis is good but sometimes seems uncomfortable on stage. Body language and how they talk will be important in this debate.

With a man and woman debating, it reminds people of a past debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Both Haley and DeSantis are trying very hard to be the main choice against Trump in Iowa.

DeSantis has been in Iowa a lot and even moved his campaign office there. He wants to win or at least be second.

They might argue a lot in the debate. Haley might focus on Trump, but DeSantis will challenge her.

CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash might find it hard to control the debate.

Haley is usually good at debating but has made some mistakes recently. DeSantis might use these mistakes against her.

Haley said some things about slavery and her Black friends that were not well-received. She also upset some Iowa voters by making a joke about New Hampshire.

DeSantis has also made mistakes, like his comments about Ukraine and Florida's school curriculum.

On many policies, Haley and DeSantis agree, like on abortion and immigration. But they have different views on foreign policy and government spending.

They both have accused each other of being weak on China and transgender issues. DeSantis thinks Haley is not conservative enough.

Haley needs to appeal to all parts of the Republican Party to challenge Trump.

Trump is still a big topic in the debate, even though he's not there. Haley didn't say no to being his vice president.

Trump will be on a Fox News show at the same time as the CNN debate.