'America's Most Wanted' Host Shares His Theory on Mysterious Deaths of Kansas City Chiefs Fans

Tragic mystery in Kansas City. Three men found dead. A snowy backyard. The search for answers begins.

John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted," has a theory. He speaks on "FOX & Friends." Fentanyl-laced party drugs could be the culprit.

Ricky Johnson, 38; Clayton McGeeney, 36; David Harrington, 37. Their bodies discovered January 9. Two days after a gathering at Jordan Willis' home. A Chiefs vs. Chargers game night.

Jordan Willis, 38, an HIV scientist, faces a crisis. Post-tragedy, he enters rehab. The deaths: a shocking wake-up call.

But there's doubt. The parents of Johnson and Harrington deny their sons used drugs. They suspect Willis' involvement.

Walsh weighs in. "Fentanyl was involved," he suggests. He reflects on the grim statistics. Over 100,000 fentanyl overdoses last year alone.

Walsh, an Emmy winner, recently returned to "America's Most Wanted." He's back, dissecting the nation's most complex criminal cases.

He shares a cautionary tale. A 17-year-old girl, a single Adderall pill from Snapchat. A tragic end within an hour.

"People don't know what they're buying," Walsh warns. Fentanyl, a hidden danger in everything from cocaine to opioids.

Another case: West Point graduates, casual cocaine use, an unexpected fentanyl mix.

The cartels, the gangs, the mix. A deadly gamble.

McGeeney, Johnson, Harrington. Walsh believes they're victims of a lethal party mix.

Meanwhile, Jordan Willis isn't a suspect. The Kansas City Police Department doesn't see it as a homicide.

The investigation continues. The cause of death, still a mystery. Kansas City Police and the medical examiner are on it. The public waits for answers.

Toxicology reports are pending. Six to eight weeks for results. Autopsy reports, even longer.

Walsh understands the delay. The police need to get it right. What happened? Who's responsible? Charges or not? The truth takes time.

"There's more to it," Walsh concludes. A complex case unfolding. The quest for truth marches on.