Amazon Prime Users Now Have to Pay For Something That Used to be Free

Amazon's diving into the ad game with Prime Video. Picture this: you're watching your favorite show and bam! Ads start popping up. This change hit the U.S. on Monday, and it's going global.

Want ad-free streaming? That'll be $2.99 extra per month. This is on top of your regular Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Here's the twist: live events and Amazon Freevee? Still ad-central, regardless of your subscription.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says Prime Video is a big draw for Prime members. It's all about keeping you hooked.

The big picture? More content, more cash. That's why Amazon's bringing ads to the party.

This isn't new. HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+ – they're all playing the ad game too.

Streaming giants are nudging us towards ad-supported plans. Prices for ad-free streaming? They're going up.

Netflix's ad-tier is a hit. They launched it in some countries in November 2022. Now, 23 million users are on it. From Q3 to Q4 in 2023, they saw a 70% jump in ad-tier subs.

Netflix's goal? Make ads a big money-maker by 2025.

So, get ready for a new era of streaming. Ads are the new normal.