Airline Introduces New Process for Weighing Luggage Before Flight

An airline is weighing passengers and their carry-on before flights. This is to better estimate the plane's total weight.

Finnish airline Finnair started this on Monday. It's voluntary and anonymous. The goal is to improve aircraft balance calculations at Helsinki Airport.

Satu Munnukka from Finnair emphasized privacy. "The collected data is not linked to personal data," she stated.

Since starting, 600 people have volunteered. Finnair appreciates the customer interest in this project.

Volunteers and their luggage are weighed without personal data. Age, gender, and travel class are noted, but identity remains private.

Passenger privacy is a priority. Finnair doesn't collect names or booking numbers, ensuring anonymity.

Planes have a maximum weight for safety. Finnair updates its average weight data every five years, as required.

The data helps with safe takeoff calculations. Finnair uses its own measurements or standards set by aviation authorities.

The new average weights will be sent to the Finnish Transport Agency. They'll be used for balance and loading calculations from 2025 to 2030.