Actress Rosie Perez Taunts Dems to 'Grow Some Cajones’ on Abortion, Gun Violence

On Monday, actress Rosie Perez appeared on MSNBC and demanded that Democrats need to grow some "cajones" when it comes to abortion and gun violence.

Perez said, “With everything that’s going on here and you show about the gun violence, about all these things, the issue of abortion, you say what can we do? Nothing is going to change. If you have that mindset, things will not change. You know what, the biggest form of activism, in my opinion, is your vote. It’s your vote. The reason why those individuals are on the Supreme Court is because a certain president was voted into office, and he made those decisions. If you don’t like those decisions, make your voice heard at the ballot.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace replied, “That’s exactly right. If Democrats could answer the passion on the right with the justness of their cause and the majority views on Roe. Sixty-three percent of Americans want to see Roe stay where it is. That encompasses a will of Democrats and Republicans. Eighty percent of Republicans want to see common sense background checks.”

Perez continued, “It’s about the economy. It’s about the issues, and you should stay with that. That’s what is affecting every single American, whether you’re red, blue, purple or whatever. We have just been through a shutdown. We’re still in the midst of pandemic. There are kids dying, and adults are dying because of gun violence. Roe v Wade is right there on the chopping block. We have all these things that need to be addressed. If you get some cajones, Democrats — where can I look in the camera? Get some cajones, Democrats. Take it from the Republicans because they don’t take any mess.”

Personally, I think that "63 percent" statistic that Wallace reported is a bunch of malarky. Not to mention, in the same breath she stated that kids are dying, she also defended Roe v Wade. Does she not hear the absolute hypocrisy in her statement?

Yeah, kids are dying....dying in every single abortion.

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