WATCH: Megyn Kelly Drops F-Bomb During Rant About Dr. Fauci

Megyn Kelly became extremely heated while she was discussing Dr. Fauci on the Wednesday episode of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show." So heated that she dropped an f-bomb.

So what had Megyn so fired up? Fauci announced he plans to retire at the end of the year. Republicans have made it known that this isn't going to allow Fauci to escape without testifying before Congress. While on CNN, Fauci said he “certainly would consider” testifying before lawmakers if subpoenaed.

“I certainly would consider that,” Fauci said. “I believe oversight is a very important part of government structure, and I welcome it, and it can be productive. But what has happened up to now, is more of a character assassination than it is oversight.”

This is when Megyn Kelly went off.

“He sounds like he’s been invited to afternoon tea at one of our houses,” Kelly said.

“I will consider it. I’ll consider it,” she continued while mocking Fauci. “Only if it’s oversight, because what I experienced was personal attacks.”

After the impression ended she went on an f-bomb laced tirare.

“Fuck you, Dr. Fauci! You don’t get to say whether you go. You get a congressional subpoena, you show up, or you get the Steve Bannon treatment.”


Megyn Kelly isn't the only person fed up with Dr. Fauci. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he is tired of the "little elf" Fauci.

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