WATCH: John Stewart Goes Off on Conservative Veteran and Then Suddenly Changes His Tune

Say what you want about John Stewart, but he does a lot of great work for the veterans in his country. We can all agree that veterans deserve better treatment. That said, he could have handled a situation with conservative veteran Jack Posobiec much better.

Last week 41 Republicans initially blocked the passage of a veterans’ health care bill. The former host of the “Daily Show” screamed at Posobiec over a misunderstanding of where Posobiec weighed in on the bill.

Video of the incident went viral on social media.

*Warning - Explicit Language*

In the video, Stewart calls Posobiec a "f*cking troll" and wanted no part of Posobiec's attempt to calm down the situation. He shouted over top of Posobiec repeatedly saying "I'm for the bill."

The bill Stewart was pushing for was called the PACT Act and it was designed to help veterans who suffer from toxic burn pits. The bill passed on Tuesday with an 86-11 vote in the Senate.

The entire encounter was recorded by journalist Raheem J. Kassam.

This could have been much easier without Stewart's yelling and false assumptions.

In the end, it all worked out and resulted in a much different tone from Stewart. It's great to see that despite him acting like a fool he was able to pull it back together and even issue an apology.

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