Matt Gaetz and Sons of Anarchy Actor Ron Perlman Have Heated Exchange on Twitter

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Sons of Anarchy actor Ron Perlman spent their Sundays going at it on Twitter after Gaetz criticized the U.S. Soccer board of directors for voting to repeal a policy that prevented players from kneeling during the national anthem.

Earlier this week the board voted to repeal the policy that was put in place when U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe joined the super woke ranks of Colin Kaepernick and started taking a knee to protest the national anthem.

Gaetz took to Twitter to express his dismay.

“I’d rather the US not have a soccer team than have a soccer team that won’t stand for the National Anthem. You shouldn’t get to play under our flag as our national team if you won’t stand when it is raised,” Gaetz tweeted.

This tweet received plenty of replies, retweets and likes. One of the responses came from Ron Perlman.

“The US Soccer team called and you guessed it... said they couldn’t give any less of a f--- about what you two dipshits think,” Perlman tweeted, tagging Gaetz and President Trump.

Matt Gaetz countered by pointing out that Perlman played a White Supremacist leader in the show Sons of Anarchy. 

Perlman fired back, "Yessir, so true! So rewarding playing assholes on tv. Tell me sir, how is it actually being one?"

From there Gaetz brought up that he actually enjoys the fact that Hollywood thinks he is an a-hole.

Perlman fired back with the usual left-wing talking point of using a "dog whistle."

From there Gaetz pointed out that blue checkmarks don't care him any more than the fictional motorcycle gang Perlman played the leader of.

Perlman then countered with a way off base gerrymandering accusation.

Gaetz then replied by pointing out that gerrymandering is literally impossible thanks to the location of his district.

Something tells me this isn't the last time we see Matt Gaetz and Ron Perlman lock horns.

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