Martha Stewart Makes Bold Confession About Her Undergarments

Martha Stewart has a unique approach to underwear: she prefers wearing bathing suits. The 82-year-old lifestyle guru values practicality, always being ready for an impromptu swim. "I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming," she told Page Six. This choice reflects her practical nature and love for swimming.

Stewart's choice of undergarment is not just about convenience; it's a personal preference against traditional, structured lingerie. "Bathing suits are my underwear," she elaborated. Unlike others, she avoids tight and structured undergarments, opting for comfort and ease.

Interestingly, Stewart is a fan of Skims, the popular brand by Kim Kardashian, but she doesn't wear them herself. She appreciates their purpose but sticks to Aerie bathing suits for her daily needs. This preference raises a humorous question about Kardashian's reaction to Stewart's unconventional underwear choice.

"Is Kim Kardashian going to be mad at me?" Stewart joked during the interview. She quickly reassured that Kardashian would understand her choice, highlighting a mutual respect between the two celebrities.

Age is not a factor that influences Stewart's fashion choices. She dismisses the idea of "age-appropriate" wear, advocating for personal style regardless of age. At a gala, she expressed her views on aging, emphasizing the potential for people to be fabulous at any age.

Stewart's style has remained consistent over the years. She claims to have dressed the same since she was 17, a fact supported by her Instagram photos. This consistency showcases her commitment to personal style over fleeting fashion trends.

In 2023, Stewart broke records by becoming the oldest model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She prepared for the shoot by adjusting her diet and ramping up her exercise routine, avoiding bread and pasta while embracing Pilates. "I didn't starve myself," she assured, emphasizing a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Beyond modeling, Stewart views aging as an opportunity to live gracefully and to the fullest. She advocates for a lifestyle of continuous learning, curiosity, and forming new friendships. "I’m about trying new things and learning new things every single day," she stated, underlining her philosophy of staying fresh, interesting, and engaged with the world around her.