Brett Favre Issues Warning to Taylor Swift as Chiefs Advance in Playoffs

Hall of Fame former NFL quarterback Brett Favre really believes in the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL playoffs. They just won against the Miami Dolphins in very cold weather and are moving to the next round.

However, Favre thinks if the Chiefs lose later in the playoffs, people will blame Taylor Swift.

This is because of the attention on Swift and Travis Kelce, a star player for the Chiefs. Swift, a famous singer, has been seen at many games this season. Unless you live under a rock, you are very aware of this.

Taylor Swift was seen on Saturday night wearing a special jacket with the number 87. This jacket was made for her and Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany, by Kristin Juszczyk. Kristin is married to Kyle Juszczyk, a player for the San Francisco 49ers. The jacket was to keep them warm in the very cold Midwest weather.

The Chiefs did really well in their first playoff game. They beat the Miami Dolphins 26-7. Travis Kelce, who wears number 87, caught seven passes for 71 yards. This was his best performance in the last four weeks.

Brett Favre thinks that if the Chiefs lose in the upcoming games, people will be upset because of Taylor Swift being there.

"I think it’ll be a distraction if they don’t make it to the Super Bowl," Favre said in an interview with TMZ Sports. "It’s one of those things. It’s not for me to say, but if they don’t win it or they don’t make it to the Super Bowl, people are going to say, ‘That’s why.’ So we’ll see."

Some people thought Travis Kelce's relationship might affect his performance in football. But he did well, getting 984 yards from 93 catches and scoring five touchdowns in 15 games. He did miss getting 1,000 yards, a goal he reached in the past seven seasons. Kelce had to miss some games, including the first one against the Detroit Lions.

However, Kelce's recent performances haven't been as good. He only got 16, 44, and 28 yards in the last few games, which is less than usual. He also dropped the ball more often than normal this year.

Brett Favre mentioned the Baltimore Ravens as a team that could beat the Kansas City Chiefs. The Ravens, who are the top team in the AFC, have been playing really well with quarterback Lamar Jackson. They didn't play against the Chiefs in the regular season. But they beat teams like the 49ers and Dolphins, earning a break at the start of the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are another team to watch. They still need to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card round. If they win, their quarterback Josh Allen will face the Chiefs again in the playoffs. The Bills are hoping to finally win against Mahomes' team.

What really counts is how the players perform during the game. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the other Chiefs players know this very well.

However, there might be some fans who are ready to blame someone if the team doesn't do well. They might even blame someone who is just watching from a private area in the stadium.